Ready to Lead With Consciousness? Cheryl offers coaching and consulting programs, workshops, and courses so you can learn in the way that’s best for you. To learn more about the programs, click the link to book a consultation with Cheryl.

Psychological Safety in Diversity

LeadFactor Certified Consulting, Training, Metrics

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Leadership Consulting

Personalized Conscious Leadership Co-Development
6-Month Program

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Global Diversity Equity Inclusion Speaking/ Consulting

*Trauma-Informed Consulting and Speaking |

Global Citizenship Culture, Asian & Pacific Islander Workplace Allyship, LGBTQIA+ Workplace Allyship, Inclusive Customer Service, DEI conscious service recovery, DEI Manager consulting and trainings, Humility in diversity, Cultural competencies, Equity driven organizations, Inclusive psychological safety in Diversity.

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Annual Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Impact Program

This holistic program covers internal alignment, how to achieve long term DEI goals, and organizational justice. We will put together a team with the knowledge, skills and competencies to best work with your organization.

There are 3 potent ingredients to the ‘Justice Formula’:

  1. DEI Assessment and Strategy
  2. DEI Awareness Workshops
  3. Long-term DEI informed leadership development consulting

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In-House Workshops

Conscious Leadership Development Training (Via Zoom)
Commitment: 6 Hours

A four-part series workshop (one hour per session) that builds conscious leadership culture with both personal and professional psychological mindset shifts and skills development

Max 6 Participants

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Inclusive Conflict Management (Via Zoom)
Commitment: 6 Hours

A four-part series workshop (1.5 hours per session) that empowers leaders to embrace diversity, champion equity and manage polarized sentiments as a global citizen.

Max 6 Participants

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Advanced Emotional Literacy and Leadership (For Managers and Customer Service) (Via Zoom)

3-hour experiential workshop that takes EQ and emotional literacy to a higher applied level.

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4-Stages of Psychological Safety

3-Hour LeadFactor workshop that empowers organizational leaders with knowledge and inclusive behavioral guides to increasing psychological safety and a sense of belonging.

On Demand Courses

The Inclusive Encounter (I+ U+ PLANET+)

This talk is for social justice oriented therapists, counsellors and organizational leaders. It analyzes global systemic oppression through the lens of Fanita English’s ideas of ‘Survival Conclusion,’ Gloria Noriega’s’ Trans-generational Script theory, and evolutionary theory. (Access here)

Honoring the Davinci Within: A TA Approach to working w/ Adults Living with ADHD

A talk for counselors, parents and leaders who believe in an inclusive world that honors neurodiversity. A brief understanding and critique of current ADHD assessment & diagnosis will be offered, followed by a proposed framework for understanding ADHD. (Access here)

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